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24-year old Yami was running down the street, cursing himself because he was too late. Too late for his first day of work! His blond bangs swayed in the small breeze while he quickly crossed the street towards the other side. His blood red eyes gazed at his watch, before he cursed again and tried to run just a little bit faster.

As he passed the street, he heard screaming and he skidded to a halt. He looked around, searching for the scream, before he saw a tiny version of himself crying loudly because a dog was growling at him. Yami stared at the scene before him, panting hard as he saw the small four year old crying loud.

Little Yugi had lost his mother and now he was trying to escape the big dog, who kept growling at him. He screamed for his mummy, before Yami crossed the street again and chased the dog away.

"I'm getting late, dog! Stop growling at the kid!", he yelled, before shooing the dog away. Hopefully back towards his owner. The dog whined, growled a bit more at him, but when Yami stomped his foot, the dog wandered off.

"There, the dog is gone now, little one", Yami said, before he stroked Yugi's hair, having no idea who the child was. "Where is your mommy?", he asked softly. Yugi was sniffing loud, before a woman ran out of her house, a panicked look on her face.

"Yugi!", she called out and hugged the child. Yami smiled, but then quickly said goodbye.

"I'M LATE!", he yelled as an excuse, before he ran away from the woman and her child. Yugi stared after the man who saved his life, hearts showing as he tried to dry his tears.

"Mommy! He saved me!", he squeaked loud as his mother carried him back towards the house. "He's my true love like in the movies!", he said, a grin on his face as he hugged his mother. She merely frowned as she walked inside. Maybe she shouldn't watch soaps while he was home…

When Yami finally arrived at work, he could hear his boss yelling at him. He quietly entered the brunette's office and bit his lip. "FIRST DAY OF WORK!", the brunette called out as he spotted Yami. Yami sighed softly.

"I know… I'm sorry", he whispered softly. Seto glared at him, ice-blue eyes just glaring him into the next world. "Go to work", Seto hissed and Yami nodded. He quickly got out of the office, before coming face to face with a tanned version of himself. Red eyes locked with maroon and Yami kept staring, before the other broke the eye-contact and smiled at a girl on his arm.

"Now, don't worry. I'll get the magical crème!", he said and the girl sniffed softly. Yami kept staring at the other copy of himself and he sighed softly. When the other came back, Yami had to keep himself from drooling. The little girl giggled softly.

"Ah, you're the new one, aren't you?", he asked softly. "The name is Atemu".

Yami smiled. "My name is Yami. Nice to meet you", he said and Atemu chuckled.

"Yes, nice to meet you too. Anyway, I have a bunch of kids in that room. Feel free to help out any time", Atemu said, before he walked off. Yami kept staring at him.

What a nice day to start work.
this is a teamwork romance/humor story more humor
from me and LilīDark about YAmi how e try to ask atemu in his work out, with a clingly four year old yugi and his gangXD
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